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  1. Hitads (P) Ltd. now also in online advertising.

Hitads (P) Ltd.

Solutions that lead to Success

The dye was cast in 1981 for Hitads. It came on the advertising scene when a few big names had most of the business. There was no special need for a small agency. But based on its belief that a small and lean agency is more flexible to adapt to a client's specific needs, Hitads created a niche of its own.

Today, Hitads has grown in size and dimensions to achieve a significant presence. With a track record of highly successful advertising campaigns that have added to our client's success, we have always lived up to the goal of path breaking advertising we set for ourselves. With some of our clients having been with us for more than 15 years, it's a feeling our clients share.

This success has come through sheer hard work and through dedication to practicing advertising in its purest form. We can say with pride today that Hitads lives up to all that makes advertising great, as set out by the greatest advertising men of all time.

Experience Creates Value


An ad that goes unnoticed is advertising money wasted. This is where creativity plays a crucial role. Creativity is what makes all the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful brand. Hitads has an award winning team of creative directors, copywriters, art directors, visualisers and graphic designers who have been behind many successful campaigns. With their vast experience in handling successful communication they know how to tackle communication in an increasingly competitive marketplace.








360 Degree Media Solutions


"Out of the thousands of magazines and newspapers, there could be only a few that reach your specific buyers. Out of hundreds of family dramas, mythological series, reality shows and quiz shows on the electronic media, there could be only a couple of programmes that serve as the right communication channel between the brand and its target audience. A media department that understand the intricacies of reaching audiences is thus paramount.
Our approach to media planning is simply: 'Make the message loud and clear'. We believe in targeted advertising and achieve it through a considered selection of magazines, newspapers, TV programmes, radio slots and outdoor media that ensure reach to the specific audience. While selecting the media, the stress is on cost-effectiveness to achieve the maximum result for every advertising rupee spent."









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